From private passion to full time job

Martin Nordin, Creative Leader at IKEA Food Services, preparing a meal on a rugged Norwegian beach.

Martin Nordin always loved cooking …

… but when faced with the choice of becoming a professional chef or working in advertising, he chose the latter. A decade and a half later, he found a way to turn his private passion for food into a full-time profession, working as a Creative Leader for IKEA Food.

Martin now has 15,000 followers on Instagram and a veggie burger cook book to his name. Here, he describes his exciting career journey while showing us how to make a black bean burger with delicious coal-roasted aubergine topping.

Instagram style photo of three pieces of flat bread in a black bowl on a concrete kitchen bench top.

Naan bread

Instagram style photo of two wraps made from IKEA salmon.

Vegetable ball wrap with avocado

Instagram style photo of IKEA salmon and salad vegetables in a light earthenware bowl, placed on a sheet of birch bark.

Summer salad with vegetable balls

Martin Nordin, Creative Leader IKEA Food Services in the kitchen.
One of the work things that I’m most proud of was when we launched the veggie balls.

– Martin Nordin, Creative Leader at IKEA Food Services

Instagram style phot of a selection of garnish muscles in a half shell, arranged on a black plate, placed on a black table.

Seaweed pearls

Three IKEA KORKEN jars filled with various types of pickles

Quick pickles

What you need:

Vegetable of choice, salt, white wine vinegar, olive oil, peppercorns, white sugar, bay leaf, thyme, garlic.

How to:

Boil 1 l water with 1 tbsp salt. Add 300g vegetables and boil 2 minutes.

Drain, saving 100ml liquid. Place saved liquid, 200ml white wine vinegar, a dash of olive oil and 1 tbsp each of black peppercorns and sugar in a pan with a bay leaf, thyme and a few cloves of peeled garlic.

Bring to the boil. Place mushrooms in a jar and pour hot liquid over.

Let cool, put the lid on and chill for 48 hours.

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