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Pick-up and order points make IKEA products more accessible

The IKEA store is the heart of the IKEA Concept. It provides the full IKEA experience, from the Småland ballroom for children to inspirational room settings to a warehouse full of products and good, healthy meals in the IKEA restaurant. But what if there isn’t an IKEA store near you? Wouldn’t it be nice to experience IKEA anyway? In your own neighbourhood?

That reality may not be far away. A series of “pick-up-and-order-points” are being tested in 14 IKEA markets. Eventually tests will be carried out in 28 markets, in locations as diverse as Japan and the U.K., Bulgaria and Spain, Canada and Turkey.

pick-up-and-order-points will bring the store to the individual

“The IKEA store is still really successful, but people are looking for convenience,” says Mike O’Rourke, Senior Manager, Store Design & Operations at Inter IKEA Systems B.V. in Delft. The store caters to the many people, it is still a day out for families and it offers instant gratification.

Today, the IKEA Concept also wants to cater to individual ways of shopping. Some people prefer to shop online, shop closer to home, get personal advice and get more help with their purchases.


Pick-up points from above

The pick-up-and-order-point sites are adapted to the local community.  Their sizes range from 500 m2 to 1500 m2. (A typical IKEA store is about 36,000m2.) They are in urban and rural locations. And some are in regions that don’t have a big IKEA store.

“You could say that pick-up-and-order-points will bring the store to the individual,” says Mike.

The test continues for the next year.

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