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We already know how important playing is for kids. It’s not just fun … it’s how they explore the world, and learn and grow. And, well, it turns out it’s really good for us adults, too. Even better when we can do it together.

“Play is a universal language that crosses borders and generations,” says Nicolas Cortolezzis, product developer at IKEA of Sweden AB for the new LATTJO collection of games and toys. “It is equally important for children as it is for adults. Through play we connect as human beings, build relationships and release stress.”

life will be easier and more fun

But you already knew that, didn’t you? Because when we conducted a survey of 30,000 parents and children in 12 countries, it revealed that parents recognize the importance of play and want to spend more time playing with their children despite work, stress, and lack of time and energy. At the same time, children love to play, and want to play more together with their parents.

LATTJO kollektion

With this insight, IKEA of Sweden set out to create a collection that would help parents and children do just that. LATTJO is designed to spark more playtime for all ages — together — and can be categorized into four different ways of playing: costumes for role play; board games and cards for indoor play; hula-hoops, kites and lawn games for outdoor play; and small percussions for musical play.

There is also a “play recipe book” just in case parents need a little extra inspiration. “We wanted to give parents and children a broad repertoire of ideas on different games to play. The fact that parents might be stressed can make it hard for them to imagine what to play. And we also wanted to create a bridge between children and adults for them together to discover new ways to play,” Nicolas says.

And for the moments when parents and kids can’t be in the same physical place? There’s a way they can play together, at a distance, in the same virtual one — using the LATTJO smartphone app, the first completely digital IKEA product.

Whether using the app, wearing a moustache or snail hat, or having a potato sack race, IKEA of Sweden hopes the collection will inspire children of all ages to play together. By bringing a little bit of playfulness and imagination into our everyday, life will be easier and more fun!

LATTJO robot


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