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The IKEA offer builds upon the idea that it’s important to keep anchored to real people’s frustrations and situations at home. We often ask ourselves, “How might we help people in this situation?” And through many back-and-forth conversations to make sure we get the best outcome, we reach a solution. This approach also applies to our website, where we’ve been working on a new section called IDEAS.


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“We always felt in developing the new site that the IKEA website should have an open area for tips, knowledge and ideas,” says Jovana Basrak Keric, the project leader and assignor for IDEAS content. “The Product section of the site takes you to information about a specific product, and Rooms takes you on a journey to explore and find products and inspiration for a specific room. But every home has more possibility than that. So IDEAS is our ‘Life at Home’ blog, and every piece of content starts with insights about life at home.”

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There are already so many contributors of home furnishing content online, so a big challenge was to ask what the IKEA contribution to this area would be. “We know so much about how people live at home, and also have the width in product range and price to help people make it happen,” says Jovana. “We think that just as we democratised home furnishing, we can democratise home furnishing inspiration. That is really our unique standpoint.”

IDEAS will roll out with the new web platform, with a dedicated space in the top navigation so that it’s always easy for the consumer to find. And we talk directly to our customer. “We’ve made a conscious decision to be open and transparent—to be honest about how we got to the idea, and even our failures and mistakes along the way,” says Jovana. “In today’s digital landscape, people like and engage more with a genuine, real person’s voice.”

Examples of content include DIY projects, IKEA hacks, ‘How To’ tutorials, and tips and tricks for life at home. There are also recurring columns, such as ‘Secrets of a Stylist,’ which provides insider tips from interior designers and stylists on how to decorate easily and beautifully at home–a hot topic online and on social media.

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This content is delivered to IKEA markets all over the world. “The IKEA.com website will always be the main hub,” explains Jovana, “but we also need to be where people are looking for this type of content–on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.”

“Overall, we have high expectations for IDEAS,” says Jovana. “We want to be the number one destination for home furnishing ideas and inspiration online. If not us, then who?”

With consumers all over the world that can both provide and take inspiration from IDEAS, we think this is a real possibility.

Check out the IKEA Ireland site where IDEAS is now live (ikea.ie). Plus, follow the lab on Instagram (@ikeaideaslab) and be sure to share. 

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