Cooking with customers

IKEA Russia is on a mission – to furnish the biggest country in the world! The platform for developing passionate and competent ambassadors of home furnishing the IKEA way is Commercial focus weeks. In 2015, the focus for the week was It starts with the food.

The week started with a good base of sharing knowledge, business priorities and know-how. Then there was a full day of seven workshops exploring life in the kitchen from every aspect. These workshops gave participants a good knowledge base before taking the next step – visiting a family, cooking a meal together, and planning a solution based on their insights.

The IKEA way of home furnishing is about truly understanding people. So we visit people in their homes and really get to know their activities, dreams and frustrations. Then we can develop inspiring, relevant and sustainable home furnishing solutions in the IKEA stores. And IKEA Russia put this theory into practice. So, in one day, 40 IKEA teams of up to eight people visited 40 families in Moscow. More than 250 people focused totally on home furnishings solutions for the kitchen.

And it was more than a visit. In order to gain the best insight using It starts with the food as the theme, the teams cooked and ate a meal with the families.

Most of our customers have small wallets. It is our challenge to show how, with small means, big changes can happen. Using the IKEA way of home furnishing, each team had to create a solution for the families they visited. This solution had to be most relevant for the family using only one of the workshop topics. All the teams found that task very challenging and inspirational.

we create solutions starting with people

The best solutions from each category actually came to life in peoples’ homes and all 40 solutions are shared in the stores. This approach helped every participant understand the IKEA way of home furnishing. They saw how we create solutions starting with people. And we have a good platform for taking this knowledge even further in our stores. All heading towards a truly glorious future in IKEA Russia!

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