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Did you know that the original IKEA store in Älmhult, Sweden, is being restored to its original 1950s design and will reopen as the IKEA Museum next year? At 7000 square meters, half of the space will be dedicated to exhibitions, showing the connections between IKEA and people all around the world, from the past, the present, and into the future.

A key element of the main exhibition in the IKEA Museum will focus on life at home with the BILLY bookcase and the KLIPPAN sofa, two of the most popular and longest running products in the IKEA range. There is already a blog dedicated to collecting people’s stories about these two icons and what IKEA stands for – the connection between IKEA and people. And eventually, the most special and unique of these will become part of the exhibition.

A lot of shoe in BILLY shelves

“IKEA aim to take care of the many people and that really comes through in the stories about BILLY and KLIPPAN,” says Cia Eriksson, Creative Project Leader & Content Responsible at the IKEA Museum. “We chose to work with these two products because they are in millions of homes around the world. It’s a way of sharing the IKEA story, but also of listening to others and taking care of people’s relationships with IKEA.”

a basic form, a basic shape, and with a purpose that never goes out of fashion

“They’re simple products that do what they’re meant to do,” she continues. “Billy is a bookcase, and KLIPPAN is a sofa – they’re products with a basic form, a basic shape, and with a purpose that never goes out of fashion. They’re famous for their durability, look, and price, in conjunction with their function.”

Thanks to this simplicity, the possibilities for both BILLY and KLIPPAN are endless. “Both are very affordable and can be transformed into different looks, and rebuilt in many ways,” agrees Cia. “With BILLY in particular, you can turn it into what you want it to be at home. It works for you – you can adopt it to what you need it to be.”

From the avid shoe collector in the United States who showcases 170 pairs of sneakers on eight BILLY shelves, to the Swedish family that uses BILLY to organise books, cooking ingredients and even tools, the stories show that there are a dozen unique uses for the iconic product. “The one thing they have in common,” says Cia, “is how passionate people are about BILLY and what it’s done for them and their collections.”


In curating the stories for the blog and, eventually, the museum, Cia looks for these personal experiences and relationships with iconic IKEA products. “The variation is the most fantastic thing,” she exclaims. “You see the same bookshelf reaching a huge network throughout the world, connecting people. It really is an everyday hero.”

Check out and contribute with your own story on the BILLY & KLIPPAN blog at http://billy-klippan.com/

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