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Creating a home that knows you better

“Light affects wellbeing, and a well-lit home makes everyday life better,” says Björn Block, Range Manager at IKEA of Sweden AB for Lighting and IKEA Home Smart. “We wondered if there was a way to make it more personal and more of a seamless part of people’s lives at home—utilising new, but available, technology to make life at home more convenient, while also saving energy, time, money and frustration.”

That curiosity has resulted in the first wave of IKEA products that integrate digital technology into home furnishings so many things are connected to each other. Building on this year’s range of wireless charging tables and lamps, the IKEA Home Smart lighting collection, called Smart lighting, kicks off a movement toward a truly connected home and is set to launch in October 2016.

Lamp as a charger

“We’re connected to each other, and we’re connected to things. But what if we were connected to things that were connected to other things?” Björn says. “We can use connectivity to create a home that knows you and makes everyday life even better.”

This “internet of better things” sounds techy, but Björn says it’s still about tapping into real customer needs. “We all want to feel safe at home (even when not at home), we want to dim lights in an easier way, and we want to create atmosphere,” he says.

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“We have created a fantastic platform to build on moving forward,” Björn says. “It’s not technology that’s in the research and development stage. It is technology that is tested, certified and approved. But, by utilizing it in a new context, that’s where it becomes innovative.”

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