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Many companies, organisations and people build the IKEA Brand together, working every day to move us forward. Every person, every initiative, idea and solution created contributes. This site collects stories from different parts of the IKEA world to describe our 2015. Welcome to catch a glimpse of a wonderful year.

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Around the world

Staying true to who we are – no matter where we go

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Putting design at the forefront

IKEA® 2015 Worldwide Facts & Figures

IKEA business year September 2014 – August 2015.

1 store in Caribbean 52 stores in North America 262 stores in Europe 12 stores in Middle East 40 stores in Asia 8 stores in Australia


IKEA® stores worldwide 338
IKEA® store visits 776 million
IKEA® website visits 1.06 billion
IKEA® retail sales 28.2 billion Euros Excluding sales tax.
IKEA® retail m² 9.5 million
IKEA® co-workers 151 thousand


IKEA® stores worldwide 345
IKEA® store visits 775 million
IKEA® website visits 1.35 billion
IKEA® retail sales 29.3 billion Euros Excluding sales tax.
IKEA® retail m² 9.9 million
IKEA® co-workers 151 thousand


IKEA® stores worldwide 361
IKEA® store visits 821 million
IKEA® website visits 1.6 billion
IKEA® retail sales 30.1 billion Euros Excluding sales tax.
IKEA® retail m² 10.5 million
IKEA® co-workers 164 thousand


IKEA® stores worldwide 375
IKEA® store visits 884 million
IKEA® website visits 1.9 billion
IKEA® retail sales 33.8 billion Euros Excluding sales tax.
IKEA® retail m² 11 million
IKEA® co-workers 172 thousand

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A few of our favourite ads

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Asking ourselves – is there a better way?

Stories about

Life at home

Understanding home is more than a place – it's a feeling

Story about

The making of the IKEA catalogue

Going behind the scenes. Read the full story.

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Positive impact

Striving to create a better world