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IKEA is all about creating a better everyday life for the many people—and a better everyday life definitely includes having a bit of fun. Every year, all around the world, April Fool’s Day is a good reminder to not take ourselves too seriously—to be a little bit mischievous and play jokes to get people chuckling.

“IKEA is a lighthearted brand and likes to do things with a smile in our hearts—it’s an important part of our culture,” says Carl Jevring from the Social Media Department at Inter IKEA Systems B.V. “All you need is a great idea and some good visuals for it to come to life.”

April Fool’s Day jokes are often unforgettable: IKEA Australia’s 2012 joke, a product recall for ‘left-handed allen keys,’ was even reposted on hundreds of websites. “In the future, we could have a competition across our markets, to find some of the very best ideas and examples,” suggests Carl. Until then, here are a few of this year’s pranks from IKEA markets around the world. Which is your favourite?

and a better everyday life definitely includes having a bit of fun


IKEA Austria ‘launched’ a new swimwear collection, made from the iconic (and waterproof) blue IKEA bag. Each piece was advertised for just €0.49—an absolute bargain! The Facebook post was one of IKEA Austria’s best performing posts to date.

Couple in bathing clothes


If you can’t go on holiday without a selfie stick, IKEA Ireland’s April Fool’s Day creation – a selfie stick holder—would have been perfect for you. With wall-mounted brackets, you’ll never miss a point-and-pout opportunity again. The holder was a hack of the BETYDLIG curtain rod bracket—renamed LURA, which not-so-coincidentally means ”to fool” in Swedish!

LURA selfie stick


Everyone knows the Norwegians love to ski, so IKEA Norway devised the perfect product: SKIDOR, a flat-packed, ready-to-assemble cross country skiing package complete with poles and waxless skis that could even be turned into ‘roller skis’ in warmer weather. Advertised on the IKEA Norway website, when customers clicked for more information, they were taken to a page where the April Fool’s Day joke was revealed, with a Happy Easter greeting.

Sketch of how to assemble skis.

Hoppelen, rabbid-has & more

Your dog, cat, bunny rabbit and even hamster are part of your family, which was precisely the thinking behind IKEA Switzerland’s limited-edition collection of pet furniture. Iconic products were renamed and given new descriptions—the STOCKHOLM swivel easy chair became LAMPIÖR, “a small, rodent-friendly armchair to spread out on, climb on and nibble.” Who wouldn’t want a fancy new rug or climbing toy for their pet rodent?

Rabit looking at the mirror

Sniff this

IKEA USA celebrated April Fool’s Day with ”the world’s first scratch & sniff Facebook post,” which featured a frying pan of delicious-looking, sizzling Swedish meatballs. The caption underneath poked even more fun: “Okay, let’s be honest. How many of you tried to scratch and sniff your monitor or laptop screen?” IKEA USA played on the fact that even if you’re not in the market for a new IKEA product, most people know about our iconic meatballs!

Ad with meatballs and the copy "Sniff this"


Apartment Therapy, an American interior design and lifestyle blog, also joined in the IKEA April Fool’s Day fun with a post about KÄT, the first-ever cat-proof sofa. The sofa featured normal cushions for human comfort, but with a unique corrugated cardboard base (sourced in the far north of Sweden) that’s perfect for kitties to sharpen their claws on without ruining your furniture. Perhaps it’s something to actually consider introducing to the IKEA product range!

Image of a sofa

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