An idea to get inspired by

The IKEA Concept evolves constantly through all good ideas and improvements made by co-workers. To make good ideas travel across all IKEA stores, everyone is encouraged to share their idea. Here are a few of them from 2014.

The Sales team in IKEA Emeryville (San Francisco), USA, uses a bulletin board to display competitor offers. It is located in their Sales headquarters and has a section for each Home Furnishing Business (HFB) and one for seasonal offers.

The Sales Manager updates the bulletin board weekly. He also invites anyone who finds an ad with a competitive offer to put it on the board.

The board complements the online competitor offers that the Sales Manager and shopkeepers receive via email. It helps the store to maintain a substantial price difference from their competitors. If they discover that one of their competitors has a lower price on a comparable product, the store immediately lowers their price and informs their Service Office.

Competitors offers