No method is stronger than the best example

“We want to take furniture design from this region – meaning Scandinavia – and develop it. And to do that, what could be better than rubbing up against a different culture and seeing what comes out of the encounter”

Design Manager, Marcus Engman, IKEA of Sweden AB

”The feeling of having finished something is an effective sleeping pill. A person who retires feeling that he has done his bit will quickly wither away. A company which feels that it has reached its goal will quickly stagnate and lose its vitality.”

IKEA founder, Ingvar Kamprad

If every IKEA co-worker swapped just one of their home light bulbs to LED, we could reduce CO2 emissions by 2.3 million kg per year. That’s the same as taking almost 1,000 cars off the road, or planting 2.5 million trees.

Lighting accounts for 19% of the world’s electricity consumption

Let’s change the world, one bulb at a time

Did you know that IKEA co-workers sold enough FAKTUM kitchens to make it the world’s best-selling kitchen series?

More products per load means fewer trucks, trains and boats and a sizeable drop in CO2 emissions. The goal for the year was to increase fill rate from 62% to 70%, and this goal was reached. 

Roll packing mattresses is something IKEA of Sweden has been doing for decades. This process decreases the product’s volume by a staggering 2/3rds.

Necessity is the mother of invention

One of the most powerful tools in communicating a more sustainable life at home is through IKEA co-workers.

About 76% of the cotton used in 2014 came from more sustainable sources

Londoners shower for an average of 12 minutes

“…one of the best ways to learn is to go to the IKEA store and observe people, and talk to them.”

Anna Berg, Head of Home Furnishing (Inter IKEA Systems)

“The ultimate goal is to change the whole world’s cotton farming”

Pramod Singh, IKEA Cotton Leader at IKEA of Sweden

“We can quickly explore options – even ones that might fail.”

Eva-Carin Banka Johnson, Project Manager for Future Homes