An idea to get inspired by

The IKEA Concept evolves constantly through all good ideas and improvements made by co-workers. To make good ideas travel across all IKEA stores, everyone is encouraged to share their idea. Here are a few of them from 2014.

When new co-workers do the IKEA Basic Job Knowledge training programme, they need to work alongside a buddy during assignments. IKEA Emeryville (San Francisco), USA, communicates their buddies on a wall. This helps new co-workers better integrate into their jobs. It also shows who co-workers can go to if they have questions about an area that they don’t work in.

The store used a rail system from the Kitchen Accessories shop and S-hooks to create this solution. They printed the pictures in A5 size and put them in argument sign holders. This makes the solution flexible and easy to adapt when buddies change. The solution took two days to implement (including painting the wall) and cost EUR 37.

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