Person carrying cotton in sunset

Making cotton better for all

IKEA products use 0.7% of the world’s cotton production every year. Despite being a small number, it’s still big enough to drive change in the industry. And that’s exactly what IKEA of Sweden is doing.

Trust is key to success in Indonesia

One third of the population in Indonesia live below the poverty line. So when opening the first IKEA store, on 15 October 2014, Indonesia also initiated several “good cause” initiatives to enable more of the many people to create a better everyday life.

Indonesia store entrance

Engineering away air

“You have to work hard, dare to be creative and even try to use set boundaries to your advantage to make a good product that looks beautiful, has great function even though it’s been squeezed into a minimal box. “ – Designer Henrik Preutz, IKEA of Sweden AB.

Bamboo and wood plastic

Renewable, recyclable or recycled

By the end of 2015, the aim is that all IKEA home furnishing are made from renewable, recyclable or recycled materials. Bamboo, textiles, water hyacinth, paper and recycled PET are some of the materials now being developed into products.