IKEA terminology

When referring to “IKEA” as a stand-alone word in this publication, we refer to the IKEA trademark.

There are many companies operating under the IKEA trademark all over the world, with different tasks. These companies and each IKEA co-worker contribute to the IKEA vision: to create a better everyday life for the many people.

Below is a short and simplified description of some of the IKEA companies and terminology that you find mentioned on the IKEA 2015 website.

IKEA companies: All companies operating under the IKEA trademark, irrespective of ownership.

Inter IKEA Systems B.V.: The owner of the IKEA Concept and the worldwide IKEA franchisor. The Inter IKEA Systems division also includes service companies and companies selling IKEA products to franchisees on cert​ain markets.

IKEA of Sweden AB: Assigned by Inter IKEA Systems B.V. to define the IKEA product range and develop the IKEA products.

IKEA Food Services AB: Assigned by Inter IKEA Systems B.V. to define the IKEA food and beverage range, develop the IKEA food products and procure suppliers for the IKEA food products for deliveries to IKEA retailers.

IKEA Supply AG: Granted the right by Inter IKEA Systems B.V. to source and supply the IKEA product range to certain IKEA retailers and Inter IKEA Systems Distributors.

IKEA Foundation: An independent philanthropic foundation resident in the Netherlands. The IKEA Foundation is funded by the Stichting INGKA Foundation, the owner of the INGKA Group.

INGKA Group: Commonly referred to as the IKEA Group, it is a group of companies that, among others, includes several IKEA franchisees in different countries, IKEA of Sweden AB, IKEA Supply AG, and IKEA Food Services AB.

IKEA retailers: Companies operating IKEA stores. All IKEA stores (except the IKEA Delft store in the Netherlands, which is owned by Inter IKEA Systems B.V.) operate under franchise agreements with Inter IKEA Systems B.V.

IKEA franchisees*: As of October 2015 the following companies are (or groups of companies own) IKEA franchisees:

Al-Futtaim Group
Al-Homaizi Group
Al Sulaiman
Dairy Farm Group
House Market Group
INGKA Group (also referred to as the IKEA Group)
Miklatorg Group
Northern Birch
PT Hero
Sarton Group

*Franchisee entities listed here are not intended to indicate accurate corporate names but are merely provided to indicate the company (or companies within a group of companies) that have been granted a franchise right. An overview can also be found here http://franchisor.ikea.com/ikea-franchisees/.

IKEA co-workers: People that are employed by a company operating under the IKEA trademark.

IKEA business year cycle: Stretches from 1 September to 31 August. On the IKEA 2015 website we refer to the business year cycle when we talk about 2015.